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blk. Functional Fulvic Enriched Water Variety - 6Pack

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Enjoy 6 exciting and refreshing functional flavors from blk. 

blk. Original - the one that started it all. This health-boosting original features over 77+ good for you trace minerals. A proper way to hydrate

blk. Resistance - Citrus and ginger flavor with the bonus of added benefits to help super-boost your immune system

blk. Focus - Strawberry Rhubarb, so delicious you gotta have it! Packed with nutrients to help keep you sharp and focused

blk. EnergyOrange Vanilla - so familiar yet so different! Packs an energetic punch great to keep going throughout your day

blk. Electric Coconutthink of the last tropical vacation you've been on. Now imagine bottling it up and serving it over ice. Yah! This deliciously sweet functional is not only yummy but good for you too! We're told this tastes great as a nice add-in for an island-style cocktail 

blk. Black & BlueberryThis berry flavored goodness is loaded with antioxidants and the kind of flavor that will make your tongue dance. Enjoy this summer-style beverage by itself or even as a water replacement in your next iced tea