OriginalBlack alkaline water

FlavorsYour taste buds’ dance partner

DropsTake health on-the-go

CustomizeBuild your own 12 pack

BundlesFor the smart shopper

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blk. Fulvic Remix Variety - 12 pack + Drops Bundle

Bundle and Save! (over 25%)

You're getting a 12 pack of our delicious, fulvic-powered blk. variety pack including:

- blk. Original

- blk. Strawberry Rhubarb

- blk. Black Cherry

- blk. Dirty Lemonade

- blk. Electric Coconut

- blk. Black & Blueberry

- blk. Cucumber Mint

- blk. Grape

- blk. Lime

- blk. Drops. 


This powerhouse is loaded with benefits including:

- nutrient absorption

- gut health

- antioxidants

- powerful electrolytes 

- and much more

- contains natural flavors and sweetened with Stevia