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Ordering Pallet Quantities of blk. Functional Beverages for Your Business Have Never Been Easier!

Business owners often have a difficult time sourcing quality, unique and health-conscious functional water beverages in pallet-sized quantities at an affordable price. These items are typically only available through large-scale distributors, which generally leaves little or no room for profit margins. That's why we've partnered with ePallet to help business owners order and fulfill large quantities of blk. Functional beverages at competitive wholesale prices that wouldn't normally have access to our product.

Introducing blk. water, the next step in helping your customers start or continue along their health journey.

Often, consumers who shop in your stores start with small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. One of the simplest changes someone can make to jumpstart their healthier lifestyle is to swap out sugar-laden drinks or soft drinks with high-quality, filtered water. Blk. gives consumers an easy way to jumpstart or sustain their healthy habits by offering functional water that includes the benefits of our patented Fulvic Fusion. Fulvic Fusion infuses fulvic acid directly into alkaline water. Some of the main benefits reported from customers consuming blk. Are the following:

  1. Improvement in Gut Health.
  2. Lowered Inflammation in the Body.
  3. Increased Nutrient Absorption.
  4. Assists the body in Eliminating Toxins.

Fulvic Acid is a naturally occurring organic substance that provides many benefits for those who consume it. Fulvic Minerals are one of the most important ingredients, as they help to improve gut flora and help towards better nutrient absorption. Additionally, Fulvic Acid contains electrolytes, amino acids, and polyphenols which all work together to decrease inflammation throughout the body. Those who regularly drink blk. water report improvements in gut health, headaches, muscle pain, and arthritis pain just to name a few benefits. Because Fulvic Acid aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals, it's also essential for those who take supplements regularly. blk. water is an easy and convenient way to help your customers get Fulvic Acid into their diet and reap the many benefits it provides.

Competitive Pricing to Help You Drive Higher Profits

We price our pallets competitively to allow you room to make a profit on each sale of blk. Water. The price you see on ePallet’s site is all-inclusive of freight, logistics, and fulfillment of your order. There are no hidden costs associated with your order.

Who is ePallet?

ePallet is the first eCommerce marketplace platform designed specifically for bulk, B2B wholesale transactions. They have built a strategic marketplace that gives control to the buyers and sellers, not the middleman distributor.

ePallet uses its technology to connect buyers, sellers, and third-party freight carriers. They offer an “all-in” delivered price to customers and handle the entire fulfillment process for sellers - from purchase to invoice including all logistics in between - to make transacting directly effortless and scalable.

blk. Partners with ePallet to Bring You $250 off Your First Pallet Order

We're thrilled to offer our first-time wholesale ePallet customers $250 off their orders. Please use code BLK250 at checkout on ePallet’s marketplace to take advantage of this offer.