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NEW!From the Novid Group

blk. x Mobot Bundle

MOBOT, a revolutionary fitness product, was the first to patent the combined foam roller and a reusable, environmentally sustainable water bottle. With a call for society to be more conscious and sustainable, MOBOT not only answered, but delivered with an innovative product that teaches society to constantly reimagine their perspective. 

Engineered for athletes, and built to last, MOBOT, the original foam roller water bottle was developed in 2013 and is Patent Protected. Made from 100% recycled stainless steel, non-toxic high-density EVA foam, FDA approved and BPA free.

And now get the amazing MOBOT foam roller water bottle with 2 ounces of blk. drops! blk. drops are fulvic-charged with over 77 trace minerals and packed with antioxidants and electrolytes. Add them to your MOBOT bottle to add a healthy, delicious, and refreshing addition to your workout routine. And for an added benefit, blk. drops and the MOBOT bottle avoid the use of over 60 plastic bottles!

Capacity: 27 ounces (hot or cold beverages)