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FOCUS blk. (16.9 fl. oz/500ml)(Pack of 12)

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16.9 oz Blk. Focus

It's time to stay focused with our delicious apple grape-flavored functional beverages with a hint of sage. Laser-beam attention. No distraction. We're here, this is the pure awareness that everyone is looking for -- hey what's that over there? That celebrity did what? Oh look the game is on , maybe I'.ll.... Halt! Get focused. Get blk.focused. blk.Focus keeps you in the zone with a blend of a vitamin complex and Citicoline (or CDP-choline) - an organic molecule that 's often cited as a "brain nutrient". It helps increase several levels of neurotransmitters that include acetylcholine, dopamine, and noradrenaline. In laymen's terms: increased blood flow of the mind foe newly focused mental facilities.

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