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Mix and match 12 packs

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Get blk. your way! Mix and match any 12 bottles of delicious, refreshing, and beneficial blk. You can choose from the following:

    • blk. Mood - Peach mango-flavored goodness
    • blk. Focus - Strawberry Rhubarb so delicious you gotta have it
    • blk. Dirty Lemonade - Quench your thirst with a flavor familiar but benefits to live for
    • blk. Black & Blueberry - Smooth and refreshing this functional is sure to make your palette dance
    • blk. Resistance - Citrus and ginger flavor with the bonus of added benefits
    • blk. Electric Coconut - This functional takes you back to the tropic
    • Original blk. all-natural alkaline functional beverage