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I need all the trace minerals I can get!

As a busy New Yorker, I need help alkalizing + balancing my cells. Resist is my favorite flavor of blk water—and I noticed a big shift in my body after drinking 1/2 a bottle. Stress happens when our bodies are neglected and aren’t getting what they need—and with our food supply’s diminishing nutritional potency, I need all the trace minerals I can get for my nonstop schedule. I feed it to my dog 1x weekly so that she lives longer, and she gets EXTREMELY energized from it as well—makes me happy to see her getting the trace minerals she needs for recovery + health. Thank you blk water! 🖤

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

My health is my top priority! Without it, I am no good to anyone else. Staying hydrated is a key driver to living a healthy lifestyle. Knowing where my water comes from and what's in it, is extremely important to me. Healthy body = healthy mind.  I am grateful to have discovered blk as it has definitely helped me support my body and mind, especially through some very stressful times. I also love knowing that I am supporting a brand that is working hard to provide as many people as possible clean drinking water all over the world. I want everyone to have the ability to be in their best health.

~ Christine H. - Living Clean with Christine

Hydrates me better than any other water!

I drink blk. after every workout. It hydrates me better than any other water and I can feel it right away!

~ Bob Fescoe - Sports Radio in Kansas City

Helps fuel and replenish my body!

Blk water is life in a bottle literally, and has been my saving grace for over 2 years now.

The physical benefits of Alkaline water mixed with fulvic trace minerals have helped fuel and replenish my body of the nutrients it needs after a strenuous workouts. As a retired trainer and seasoned athlete, there aren’t many brands of water I feel comfortable consuming, except for Blk water! But don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself and you too will experience tasting water for the very first time with Blk.

~Romero R

There is more to this product than it's chic look.

My first encounter with BLK water was at a Whole Foods. As a self proclaimed water connoisseur, I can most definitely say there is more to this product than it’s chic look. It has a very clean taste, unlike some other mineral waters, and added benefits that help me take care of my body! 

~ Colleen D

Never get sick!

After a solid morning run I always make sure I have @blk.water the key component to helping me stay hydrated during my workouts and cardio loaded with *Electrolytes - electric charge hydration, muscle function, and regulate your body’s pH, which is a key contributor to The Apex Gainz🐺🏆🏆🏆 CFS 110 Nothing Less. The Big 🐺. The 🐺 Of The North

~Josh N - Apex Fitness Coach

Miracle in a bottle!

Thank you blk! Your water has worked MIRACLES for my family...I am 34 yrs old and I was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and it is important for me to keep my red blood cell count up.  Antioxidants and Minerals are very vital to keep me healthy and blk. water has gotten me out of a lot of hospital visits.  I just want to say thank you. Sincerely,

~Marshae C.