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blk. Electric Coconut Fulvic Enriched Water - 12pack

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Electric Coconut Functional blk. Water

🖤 Hydrating nutrient-enriched functional beverage with pure coconut water

🖤 fulvic trace minerals - Anti-inflammatory super-nutrients to boost your digestive health, immune system, detox and replenish your body for optimal health.

🖤 amino acids - powerful building blocks cut recovery time in half, build and repair your body.

🖤 antioxidants - "free-radical scavengers" fight illness and infection, restore cells, and proper body function.

🖤 electrolytes - electric charge hydration, muscle function, and regulate your body's pH.

  • blk. ELECTRIC COCONUT Move over bananas. A delightful blend of bioavailable fulvic minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, and amino acids delivered in a smooth sweet taste of the tropics. A hydrating nutrient-enriched functional beverage with blk. fulvic trace minerals and pure coconut water in a smooth sweet taste of the tropics. Benefits in a bottle! Zero fats, artificial dyes. Enjoy the Dark Side.